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Ancient Trails

What is known from stories written by western travelers like Marco Polo and others was that Asia is full of ancient trails that have beguiled travelers for centuries.

With a history going back many thousands of years, this part of the world holds some of world’s most ancient cities, their once glorious palaces, temples, monasteries, hospitals and theaters intricately carved and modeled out of stone, having laid abandoned and forgotten for centuries amidst the ever encroaching jungles.

It's a world of glistening palms, emerald waters and shadowy jungles, with air perfumed by temple flowers, spices and coconut oil. Forests of teak, eucalyptus, rubber and jak trees give way to fields of rice, tea, pineapples, tobacco and sugarcane. You encounter bare-chested men in multi-hued sarongs, women in flowing tunics all colors of the rainbow, laughing children burnt brown by the sun and bicycles, tuk tuks and bullock carts on the roads.

Monks swathed in robes of saffron and yellow wander peacefully through the countryside and elephants guided by their diminutive mahouts amble majestically along the back roads carrying logs or bundles of sugar cane.

​We are an Australian-based,  travel agency that specializes in customized, high quality holiday packages to ancient lands where myths and traditions seem to be fast disappearing in the modern world. Follow the story of Ramayana in Sri Lanka and visit mystical temples in Bhutan; travel on the mysterious Irrawaddy in Burma and follow the Spice Trail through South East Asia.  Experience  magical adventures you won't forget in a lifetime.

Our offerings include prearranged tours, holiday packages according to client specifications, travel consultation and other related services. We can prepare your holiday package to include airfares, accommodation, meals, local transport, visits to historic sites and other leisure and sports activities.

Our wealth of knowledge about these countries and about the local people and their unique culture will ensure that you have the very best  holiday experience.